What Is Your Intellectual Property Score? 

what is An intellectual property score?

When It Comes To iP, One Size Does Not Fit All


Business owners with scores in this range are creative or work with creative people.


This range correlates with business owners building and promoting brands.


Scores in this range benefit customers by having a specialized skill or knowledge.

Chris Paradies

Let My Experience Help You Discover Your iP Score

Hi, I'm Chris Paradies, and for more than two decades as patent and intellectual property counsel to large and small businesses, I've helped hundreds of owners build business value using intellectual property (and many hundreds more as a mentor, facilitator and small business advocate). 

Intellectual property protects "intangibles" of a business, and it is this intangible property (not the intellectual property) that actually builds business value.

Intangibles can't be seen or touched, but the value is real! In fact, More than 80% of the total value of companies listed on the S&P 500 is derived from these intangibles.

But what's valuable to one business owner can be valueless to another. One size does not fit all. That's why I created the iP Quiz -- to help business owners like you discover your intellectual property score and do something about it, without spending tens of thousands on lawyers.


Why waste time and money on the wrong iP?

Every entrepreneur should own everything! But not every thing is worth spending time and money protecting with intellectual property. That gets expensive quick!

When it comes to iP, one size does not fit all. Trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patents and domain names can be used to build a hedge of protection around your companies "intangibles" but which to choose?

No entrepreneur can safely ignore iP. That's why your intellectual property score is so important. It helps you focus on the right intellectual property for you.


What do people say about Chris Paradies?

"Chris gives so much to entrepreneurs without thinking of himself."

Tonya Elmore, President

"Chris is simply the best!"

Krista Covey, President

"I have seen Chris in action and his teaching is masterful."

Dino Eliadis, President


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