iPscaling® Provides a Better Way, Without

Spending Tens of Thousands on Lawyers! 

If you're just starting out or close to exit, your business should benefit from building real value by protecting and scaling it intangibles. In fact, more than 80% of the value of innovative and creative businesses is intangible property. 

Our 3-step Own Protect Grow® process is the quickest, most efficient way to implement the  "Concertina" principle in your business.

Just starting up? Our iPstarting training is the first step in owning your company's intangibles.

Our iPscaling® training protects intangibles creating sustainable value.

iPmasterclass 'all access pass' is for businesses generating revenue that want to scale value of intangibles faster, providing direct access to Chris Paradies' two decades of experience as a patent attorney and board certified intellectual property attorney, access to his team, and much much more. 

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Here's What You Get!

You get what your business needs no matter where you are in your business cycle. Busy business owners like you need quick and efficient steps that build business value, without wasting tens of thousands on the wrong intangibles or using the wrong intellectual property.


iPstarting: own everything

This is the least expensive and fastest way to get started right!

Don't have an LLC or corporation yet? You should do this before you do anything else. Protect your business and personal assets from liabiility, and create an entity that can own everything. Then, create your own custom operating agreement, get your tax id, and much, much more. All of these formalities can be done quickly and efficiently by any business owner following simple step-by-step instructions in the iPstarter - own your LLC or corp training.

Is your business leveraging creativity? Then, you need to own the copyrights in creative works made for your business. Create your own customized work made for hire agreement / assignment / licensing agreement and learn how to use it in the iPstarter - own copyrighted works training.

Is your company delivering innovative solutions to your customers? Then you'll need to conduct a search to make sure that someone else hasn't patented your idea first. Also, your company will need to own all the know-how, ideas and inventions created for it by you and others before sharing its ideas or offering products. Get both of these accomplished with iPstarter - own your valuable ideas training. 

Owning everything is the first step in my Own Protect Grow® 3-step process, because if you don't own it, someone else does. If you haven't done it, this is the easiest, fastest and least expensive option for taking care of these important legal prerequisites.


iPscaling®: protect your most valuable iP

You don't have to protect everything, but you should register your copyrighted works and your trademarks. The hard part for most business owners is knowing what needs protection and what doesn't. 

Using the right intellectual property can quickly and efficiently build a hedge of protection around your most valuable intangibles without wasting tens of thousands protecting the wrong iP using the wrong intellectual property, which doesn't add value.

If your company is creative, then you definitely need to be registering copyrights in your valuable creative works. In many cases, registered copyrights allow a company to generate passive income from licensing royalties or scaling unique products, without fear of losing control. iPscaling copyright creative workshop builds on the iPstarting work made for hire training. Timely copyright registration protects your creative works and gives your company the right to seek attorneys fees, statutory damages and a presumption of ownership. These rights are critical if you ever have to settle a dispute, often allowing you to win without resorting to long, costly litigation.

If you're building a brand, then you'll need to register trademarks.  After selecting a brand name, logo and/or slogan, you'll need a quick and inexpensive way to put a hedge of protection around it. Access iPscaling brand builder experience builds on the iPstarting knock-out search by helping you register your marks. Trademark registration can protect your brand in your state or in all 50 states, and can provide a right to seek atorneys' fees, enjoin misuse, prevail in domain name dispute resolution proceedings and secure exclusive use for your goods and services against any mark likely to cause confusion among your consumers. That's the iPscaling brand builder experience.

For a limited time get both the iPscaling - copyright registration and iPscaling - trademark registration for the price of just own of these trainings. Even if you don't think you'll need one of them, you'll have it if you do need it. And as a special bonus, you get access to all of the iPstarter trainings too!  Just sign up for the iPscaling BOGO!


iPmasterclass 'all access pass'

An annual subscription to iPmasterclass 'all access pass' is not for everyone, but if you need more help, then the access you get to Chris Paradies and his team from iPmasterclass 'all access pass' is the way to go. It's for innovative companies that understand the value of intellectual property but don't want to spend tens of thousands on lawyers.

Get direct one-on-one access to Chris Paradies and his two decades of experience as a patent attorney and intellectual property attorney. Also access our professionally monitored members only community and our online, live "hot seat" sessions, which go beyond what iPscaling training can deliver. There's only so much that video training can do. 

But when you add 6 one-on-one sessions per year with an expert like Chris Paradies? There's nothing that you can't handle. These sessions, alone, are valued at much more than the cost of an iPmasterclass 'all access pass'. Use all 6 sessions right away or spread them out over your annual membership. You'll still have the 20 group hot seat Q&A sessions, and the professionally monitored members-only community. 

What can you use your 6 one-on-one sessions for?  

These 6 one-on-one sessions are geared toward getting things done immediately, not weeks later. Schedule anything related to your intellectual property that can be accomplished in an interactive online video session. You provide what I need to review before we're connected, and we'll get it done, usually in just 30 minutes.  

Review intellectual property terms in important agreements, such as consulting agreements, end user license agreements, or terms of use.

Need someone to coach you through your first trademark registration? Just schedule a session, usually available within one business day, and we'll do it together.

Need to set up reasonable measures to secure your trade secrets? Allow me to help you think through the options and make suggestions.

Conducting a patentability search? I can show you how to conduct your own searches and help you complete a search and the analysis.

Have a complicated copyright registration? Let me coach you through the process. Then, use the registration as a template for the rest of your registrations.

Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies is a US registered patent attorney and Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney, the founder of Paradies® law, an intellectual property law firm, and the CEO of Paradies iP Solutions, providing intellectual property training for busy business owners using his two decades of experience helping business owners with all of their intellectual property issues.

His iPscaling® training, own protect grow® 3-step process, iPmasterclass 'all access pass', and the Concertina® principle training make intellectual property understandable and manageable, providing a much more cost-effective way for creative and innovative business owners to 5X business value. 

Chris graduated from West Point and served as an officer in the U.S. Army before getting his Ph.D. from Rensselear and his J.D., summa cum laude, from Touro Law Center. He and his wife, Aleksandra, have two sons and live in Tampa, Florida.

Here’s what people are saying about Chris

Krista Covey

President, First Flight Venture Center

"Chris is simply the best!"

Tonya Elmore

Presdient, Tampa Bay Innovation Center

"Chris gives so much to entrepreneurs without thinking of himself!"

Dino Eliadis

President, DE inc.

"I have seen Chris in action and his teaching is masterful."



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