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Intellectual Property becomes confusing and difficult to manage, only because its purpose has been explained poorly. Over two decades helping business owners, I've found the greatest frustration is from not knowing how IP adds value to a business.  

That's because IP doesn't add value to a business. Intangible assets add value. But has anyone made it clear to you, before now, what the difference is between "intangible property" and "intellectual property"?

And why is it so important to know the difference? 

Intellectual Property is generally considered an expense on your profit and loss statement or PNL. And most small business owners leave it there.

The purpose of intellectual property is to protect the value of intangibles, what I refer to as intangible property or "iP". It's this iP that builds business value.

Your iP should be on your balance sheet. It adds to the equity in your business, something that helps when seeking investment and securing loans. For innovative and creative businesses, iP accounts for much of the equity in a business.

In fact, intangibles account for more than 80% of the value of companies listed on the S&P 500. Ignoring more than four fifths of your company's value shouldn't be an option. 

But intellectual property protection of intangibles has become increasingly expensive. It's considered a complex and quickly changing area of law that most attorneys don't fully understand.

There are only 140 board certified intellectual property attorneys in my state, Florida. There are more than a million businesses in Florida. I estimate 500,000 of those need some type of help with intellectual property, and that adds up to more than 3000 companies per attorney, which is more than any attorney can manage one-on-one. So, many businesses in Florida are going without help from Florida board certified IP lawyers.

It's probably much the same outside of my state, wherever the pace of innovation and growth of new businesses outpace the supply of qualified IP counsel. Maybe that's why, so often, I've found business owners investing in the wrong intellectual property.

With the cost of intellectual property legal services increasing by double digits, investing in the wrong IP is a costly exercise, costing tens of thousands for little or no return on investment. The cost of protecting iP sometimes exceeds the value of the iP being protected. This is frustrating for business owners like you.

However, it becomes more than frustrating when someone infringes, misappropriates or otherwise impairs the value of your company's intangibles, only to find that your company doesn't have the right intellectual property protection in place to stop it. 

Or worse... when your company is threatened with a lawsuit for infringing someone else's intellectual property, which could cost hundreds of thousands with nothing at all to show for it.

iPscaling® Provides a Better Way, Without

Spending Tens of Thousands on Lawyers! 

iPscaling® is  the best way to implement the  "Concertina" principle in your business, by taking quick, efficient steps that any business owner can put in place to protect and scale the value of its most valuable iP! Let my two decades of experience help you quickly and sustainably 5X business value.

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Here’s What You Get!

You're just seconds away from instant access to the training that you need and much more! I'll take you step by step through the process of implementing my Concertina® training in your business. You'll focus first on the iP that's most valuable in your business. And, you'll build a sustainable hedge of protection around your iP today! Sign up for any of the iPscaling® trainings and get a special invitation to join iPmasterclass all access pass.

5X Business Value

Scale the value of your business by focusing your efforts on building the right type of iP for you, your customers, and your business. 

Protect Your iP

By implementing the "Concertina" principle in your business, you'll quickly and efficiently build a hedge of protection around your most valuable iP.

Here's What's Inside Each iPscaling® Training

You'll get the training that busy business owners like you need and complete it in less time than it would take to hire a lawyer to get it done for you. Sound incredible!? Just take a look at the training.


iP-Creative: iPscaling® Copyright Creative Workshop

The training starts with owning all of the copyrighted works created for your business, because if your company doesn't own it, somebody else does. That could be a disaster. Then, the training shifts to protecting the copyrighted works created for your business by registering copyrights with the copyright office. If you're iP score puts you into the iP-Creative category, then protecting your copyrighted works by registration with the copyright office is the fastest and least expensive way to build business value. It may allow you to make passive income from your copyrighted works and gives you the right to seek attorneys' fees, statutory damages and a presumption of ownership.


iP-Branding: iPscaling® Brand Building Experience

If your iP score falls within the iP-Branding category, then you want to protect and grow the the value of your brands. First, you'll learn how to conduct a proper knock-out search to find out if your company (and only your company) can own its brand name. If you knock-out your current brand name, there's a training for picking a good brand name, one that's distinctive and sticks with your customers. Learn how to select classes and draft descriptions of goods and services. Then, you'll complete the training on registering a trademark and register your brand name(s), either in your state or at the United States trademark office.  


iP-Expert: iPscaling® Trade Secret Sprint

You don't have to "own" trade secrets, but your company does need an exclusive right to possess, use and disclose your know-how, proprietary processes and specialized knowledge. That means you will have to take reasonable measures to keep your valuable information secret. In this sprint, you'll quickly create custom agreement templates for your vendors, employees and consultants. Then, you'll learn how to use these agreements to protect your iP. These agreements aren't like most "NDAs" that you'll find on the Internet. To protect your intangibles in the iP-Expert category, you need both a confidentiality agreement AND an iP agreement.


iP-Innovate: iPscaling® Innovate 3-In-One Bundle

The iP-Innovate category needs all of the above. So, this bundle provides instant access to all three of the above trainings for the price of just two. That's a great deal. You'll be protecting copyrighted works, brand names and your know-how, because that's what innovators need to do. Innovation in the iP-Innovative category drives sales while building the value of a brand name. It might take a bit more work, but the iP-innovate category builds business value fastest. So, it's a great place to be if you're looking for investment capital or money from lending institutions. It helps when its time to sell your business too, because you won't leave any money on the table.

About Your Instructor,
Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies is a USPTO registered patent attorney and Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney, the founder of Paradies® law, a boutique intellectual property law firm, and the CEO of Paradies iP solutions, providing intellectual property training for busy business owners.

Chris has created a cost-effective way for creative and innovative business owners to 5X business value in his iPscaling® training and the own protect grow® process.  Paradies iP’s “Concertina” principle finally makes intellectual property protection understandable and manageable for business owners. Over the past two decades, Chris has served hundreds of business owners. 

Chris is married to Aleksandra, and they have two sons. 

Here’s what people are saying about Chris

Krista Covey

President, First Flight Venture Center

"Chris is simply the best!"

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Presdient, Tampa Bay Innovation Center

"Chris gives so much to entrepreneurs without thinking of himself!"

Dino Eliadis

President, DE inc.

"I have seen Chris in action and his teaching is masterful."

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