iPstarter training is for business owners that are starting to take iP seriously!

Why wouldn't you want to own everything that is created for a business? More than 80% of the value of innovative and creative businesses is iP!

iPstarter training is as easy as 1... 2... 3...   iPstarter #1 is for business owners that still need to complete formalities like setting up an LLC, getting an EIN, registering for a business license and signing up for a tax ID number. iPstarter #2 is for the business owner that wants to own everything, every idea. Create a custom form that allows your business to own it all. iPstarter #3 is for creative businesses paying others to create iP like software, artwork, copy and other copyrighted works. If you don't have a work made for hire, assignment or exclusive license your company won't own these creative works.

iPstarter training is step-by-step, and any entrepreneur can follow it to own everything starting at just $29! 

iPstarter #1

owning your company

registering a Florida LLC





  • choose from LLC or corp. 
  • decide where to file
  • register your LLC or corp.
  • get your tax IDs
iPstarter #2

owning all valuable ideas

NDA + iP Agreement





  • own every invention!
  • who owns an idea?
  • one-page NDA + iP
  • consulting agreement

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