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Tampa Bay Innovation Center is now accepting applications for CO.STARTERS Rebuild, a 10-week, live-facilitated virtual program that helps small businesses impacted by COVID-19 refocus, stabilize, and build toward long-term recovery.

“Small businesses are a major economic driver contributing nearly half of the overall growth of the economy. They have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering the Rebuild program we aim to help our local economy recover more quickly by providing the tools for small businesses to drive innovation, growth and jobs.” said Chris Paradies, Tampa Bay Innovation Center chairman and CO.STARTERS facilitator.


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Chris Paradies

Florida Bar certified intellectual property and U.S. patent attorney, founder of Paradies® law, chair of the board of directors for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and certified coStarters facilitator. West Point graduate, entrepreneur, disruptor. Father, husband, faithful steward.

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